Saturday, September 8, 2012


I'm doin' it wrong! hahah. We have yet to see. Here's the first classes' results:

This first is the result of about two and a half hours of frustration. I do have to say I am rather happy with that little bit of haze I got in at the base of the far mountains, though.

This second I like a bit better, though it is nothing at all as intended. In fact, it is only the background layer. Had I spent any more than an hour (and maybe a half) on it, I would have worked in the trees in front that framed those clouds so dramatically. As it is, that cloud isn't half bad :)

Also, I'm trying to get my pleinair kit together. Anyone ever done this before to have any input? Chair, no chair, easel, tripod, supplies, etc??? any suggestions would be most welcome!

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