Monday, November 26, 2012

The Christmas ornaments are out!

Yay! It's the holidays! As an exercise in class today we drew Christmas ornaments. I really need to do more of this. It was a ton of fun :)

On a mildly related side note, I had kind of a cool thought yesterday, and a mid-holidays personal resolution.
It is so cool (and sadly under-noticed) that in America our 'holiday season' kicks off with none other than Thanksgiving, the holiday dedicated to gathering together those nearest and dearest to you and counting your blessings. What a way to start out the best part of the year, really.
I've resolved to do my best to let this influence every bit of my holiday season.

Cool little moment. Maybe its a little silly, but it was a bit of a perspective change.

Anyway, hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving, and that your Christmas preparations go well and any traveling you do goes safely and if anything goes wrong it's the sort that gives you good stories to tell at the other end ;)

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