Saturday, June 2, 2012

A small request

So, sorry for the absence the last few days. A bit of stress and another round of migraines... and then today.

A friend of mine was hiking up the canyon today and fell. From what I understand, he died before the paramedics could arrive. Several of my other friends were there and saw him fell, and were there giving him CPR for about 45 minutes while they waited for a helicopter to locate them.
Honestly, I know his sister a lot better than I knew him, and while I do miss him, I am really concerned for his family. If any of you are at all religious, please offer a prayer for the family of Adam Perazzo. Even if you're not religious, please keep them in your thoughts.
Please, anyone who can take the time to read this, also take a moment to think about the miracle of your own life, the friends you have, the family who cares about you. Please think about the worth of your time here and the difference you have the great opportunity to make in the lives of all those around you.
Adam made an impact in our lives here, and I don't think he ever realized just how well liked he was.
I am truly thankful for the opportunity I had to know him.

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