Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An update from Saturday

Sunday at church was a pretty emotional day, since I attend a religious school and everyone in my apartment complex pretty much goes to that same Sabbath meetings. My friend's parents, several cousins, and a few siblings were all there, and there was a wonderful spirit in the room as everyone took the opportunity to bare their testimony in the Savior's love, attention, and His wondrous sacrifice for us, and the hope that these things give that we will be able to see Adam again someday, whole and happy and healthy.
The family was also incredibly kind and considerate and arranged to have a viewing on Monday night so that we could all have a chance to say our goodbyes before they left to have the funeral closer to home.
Everyone here is shaken, and there is a definite hole where Adam was, but he has also left a beautiful mark on each of our lives. He was always positive and upbeat and I never heard or heard of him saying a bad word about anyone. Always ready to serve and help in any way he could and very involved in getting the lot of us up and moving and having fun, Adam will be sorely missed, and never forgotten.
Thank you all for your prayers. We've definitely felt their influence over the past several days.

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