Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A bit of encouragement...

Art is a hard field to break into. Not only is it highly competitive, filled with unbelievably talented people, picky employers and clients, critics of all sorts (unfortunately this includes a great many bandwagon people who are negative and harsh not because it helps anyone, or because they actually have any grounds for what they say, but because they believe if you have to be a critic you have to harshly criticize) and a negative stigma, but artists tend to be the most self-critical of all. Without a lot of support and external motivation, most prospective artists end up tearing themselves down emotionally long before they have a chance to grow.
I found this comic a while ago, and it really catches the gist of what artistic hopefuls face emotionally every day. And, if they're truly blessed, they have friends or family or both who can pick them up after a rough day, brush them off, and say (i apologize for this, but the quote is perfect): "To hell with [them] then"

Also, between finishing up projects here, getting ready for the upcoming semester, and getting ready for a trip, I'm not likely to be able to post any of my own art for a bit. See you all on the other side!