Friday, August 3, 2012

These always turn into something different...

All I was going to do was a quick speed-paint of a face, and some really nice graphic white silhouette hair. Something like this:

...more or less. First off, I was really silly and decided I didn't want to find reference for the face. So that took a while, and next time I look at it I'll probably see a million errors. Oh well.
Secondly, though, as soon as I'd finished drawing that hair... I thought 'Oh, I wonder what it would look like with color!'
Darnit. And I was going to just watch a movie and go to bed. Oops.
Here are my top two options. I'd really appreciate some input, which you guys like best, either way. 



Oh, also today, I saw MIB:3 and was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty fun, if a bit predictable. Definitely worth a two-dollar ticket. Why in the world don't they have dollar theatres everywhere? I love this place.

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