Friday, August 10, 2012


Yesterday some friends and I went up the canyon to ride inner tubes down the river.
I have to say, I feel a little miffed. The worst I got was a scraped elbow from falling as I fought the current to get out of the river. After some of the 'battle wounds' everyone else was getting, I was hoping I'd have something showy to post a picture of... but all I managed to do was scrape up my elbow on a rock as I was trying to get out of the water.
Honestly, they picked a terrible place to pull us out. A nice wide spot in the river, yes, but the banks were so grown over we couldn't see the vans waiting for us until we were practically past. The river pinched off directly after this deep slow part, and mot of us were stuck fighting the current back up to the pick up, on loose rock and hauling our tubes behind us. They threw me a rope, but that just made me want to move faster, and I ended up slipping and falling under the water with my tube over top of me. I got a good face full of water...
and you know what? That river tasted better than my tap water XD

And today I'm flying.
Well... I will be. Eventually. My flight's been delayed two hours and counting.
I'm missing all the fun weather in Jersey. So sad...

EDIT: Still in the airport, distracting myself with stumbleupon. Fun stuff.
I just had a major herp-a-derp moment...
These lovely ladies, who run a much more beautiful and effective food blog than I, posted a little tidbit on cleaning up photos in Photoshop. I am in awe at their awesomeness and at the fact that I've never explored the program enough to figure this out for myself.
In about twenty seconds I took this poor photo that you all saw a few weeks ago:

and did this to it:

It might not seem like a big deal you anyone else, but it's practically revolutionary to me :)

I feel kinda silly now. I'll go finish my geek-out in private...

They let us get on the plane!
And then told us that it would be at least another hour and some before we took off and told us we could get back off the plane and wander around for a bit if we wanted.
Now I'm back on the plane. Maybe we'll get to go soon? I want to be airborne!

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  1. Both versions make me hungry, but the second one makes me more hungry. Mission accomplished.