Thursday, May 24, 2012

Food adyentures!

So... this one time, I couldn't write the word adventure... it was kind of hilarious. The poster ended up reading 'adyentures' because after four or five tries and I couldn't get it right I'm pretty sure we ended up just sticking on the shape with the mangled word on it.
Anyway... actually, that kind of worked in better than I intended. Dinner tonight was kind of that process.
I realized I had shrimp, then that I had yogurt, then that I had lime juice and orange juice. No real idea how that was going to tie together, just that it needed to all go into the same dish. There were several near misses through the process of cobbling this one together, and for a bit there everything I added just made it worse.
First off, you know how when you open a large container of yogurt, then let it sit for a bit, it gets that liquidy condensation stuff? That's important.
To start out, I thawed a small handful of shrimp, or set it to thaw while I made a sauce.
I took my greek honey yogurt condensation (that kind of sounds... really gross. oh well) and whipped in just enough yogurt to make it completely opaque but about the texture of syrup. About two or three tablespoons of that went into the saucepan with a generous drizzle of lime juice, four teaspoons of orange juice, a quarter teaspoon of salt and a touch less than that of fresh-ground black pepper. let that come to a simmer and then tossed in the shrimp and covered the pan.
At this point I remembered my meager spice collection and started sniffing through, and discovered my rosemary garlic blend. A generous helping of that went in and I tossed the shrimp in the sauce a bit and covered it again and went to heat up some leftover jasmine rice.
It actually came out really nicely, and letting it simmer covered like that actually re-constituted the little diced garlic bits in the spice mix. However, I let it simmer too long, and the sauce condensed a bit too much, so when I do it again, I'll either not let it go so long, or I'll figure out something to add at the end to tone down the sauce after the shrimp has had a chance to soak in the stronger flavor.
And once again, I neglected to take a photo before it was eaten... I've got to get better at this. I halfway considered taking a pic of the shrimp tails and unfinished rice XD
Oh well. It'll become a habit. Eventually. :D
So, here's a quick doodle of what it kind of might have looked like, tadaaaa.

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