Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where I've been the last week...

There was this:
(I didn't take these images. I lent my camera to a friend, who took my camera down to southern Utah to photograph the solar eclipse. My price being that I got to have digital copies of all of them :D ) 

 And this:
I've signed up for the summer NANO event!! I'm going to actually try to get this done this time around. I'm planning to use this time to flesh out the storyline for the webcomic I want to start.

And some of this:
NOT FOR ME. It would appear that I have been conscripted as the local wedding dress consultant XD I've been wedding dress shopping with so many friends now... It is a great opportunity to do some research for an upcoming project, though... 

But, mostly this:
It just so happens that I get really awful migraines on a decently regular basis. Last week was... rough. I should apologize to my roommates again. I was alternating between grumpy old bear mode and 'i am the couch lump' mode...

But now I'm back :D
(ugly drawing is ugly)


  1. 'sa good drawing. I remember that couch. I'm sorry you had such bad migraines, that's a neat visual representation of them. Tell me how nano goes?

  2. Wish I could help, Alicia.
    Though I still haven't seen this purported 'grumpy old bear mode' of yours.