Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food note for the day...

If you are preparing elk, this is pretty simple and turned out rather spectacularly today:
saute onions in butter until they just begin to caramelize.
cut meat into strips about an inch thick and add to onions.
brown and turn the heat down a touch so nothing burns.
cover, stirring occasionally, until the meat is nearly cooked through
add sliced mushrooms, salt, pepper
add a touch of milk to the pan and stir with the juices in the pan, add a bit of flour as desired to thicken into a gravy.
Enjoy the awesome.

We also steamed some green beans with a bit of butter, then when the beans were about ready we added sliced roma tomatoes. That we had with goat cheese. We also made spaetzle and grated gouda over it.

It was a very rich meal. I should have taken pictures. The green beans and tomatoes and cheese looked so gorgeous on the plate.

My stomach can't decide whether to be happy at all the good stuff I ate or upset over how much too much of the good stuff I ate. :)

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