Monday, May 7, 2012

So, now that I have time to establish the habit, this is going to turn into a daily sketch/food blog. I will sketch, I will cook, I will sketch what I cook... :D
This weekend I decided I had too many eggs and they needed to be used. Somehow that turned into making shortbread cookies Saturday night, and then custard tartlettes with shortbread crusts last night. The cookies were far prettier but got eaten before I thought to take a picture, so here's some shots of the tarts and notes on what -not- to do with custard tarts (hahah, I find a lot of those things out...)

Okay, so things not to do:
-don't be impatient when cooking the custard. That just messes up the texture, and you'll end up with some weird sort of tapioca thing going on. (I'm hoping that the shortbread crusts will mask the texture enough that no one will really notice...)
-don't overcook the crusts. I had wanted to throw them back in the oven after putting the custard in to brown the tops so it looked pretty, but I let the crusts cook fully before-hand and couldn't put them back in for fear of singeing the edges.
But I think the biggest don't is just don't worry. I figure now I've done it once the next attempt should be much more successful. Also, I'll be giving these away, so I don't have to eat them all myself and everyone who's getting them will just be happy for the free desserts XD
Oh, and for a little extra something I dropped a spoonful of cherry preserves in the bottom of each crust before baking them. I don't know if it will be too much or just right. I'll let you know once we've actually tried them.

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