Friday, July 13, 2012

I need to get more creative...

But for tonight, it's yet another figure drawing. :)

I'm really starting to thoroughly enjoy paint-tool sai. It has a nice feel, some really great little quirks, and cooperates so nicely with my bamboo touch and pen... If you're looking for a new painting program, I'd definitely give it a try. A bit of a learning curve, and it's certainly not suited for any sort of photo-editing, but that's kind of where some of its greatest strengths lie- by cutting out all the tricks and gimmicks and filters and actions, sai opens fast, runs smoothly, and has more room for actual paint-type tools.
So, yeah. One of my roommates is awesome and all about the performing arts, so she and I have this wild idea to do a bit of a collaboration, where she'll choreograph a dance, and I'll design the costume for it. I've been looking at a lot of dance photography lately anyway, so I figured I might as well start sketching now. 
This is one of my motion sketches. I've been noticing a bit of a trend in what female dancers like to wear, and I'm having so much fun with the concept of fabric in motion :)

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