Monday, July 23, 2012

Quick Sunday Feature (it's not sunday anymore at all, but oh well)

So, some of you know I'm kind of avidly into webcomics... maybe not just kind of. I actually have a dream of someday starting up one of my own, as soon as I find a style that I not only like but can actually do well, and as soon as I have the kinks hammered out of this plot I've been working on for years now...
So this is likely to be the first of many webcomic features :)
First off, Johnny Wander. A mostly autobiographical journal-comic, a team effort by artists
and Ananth:
I am absolutely in love with this comic and hope to someday meet these two (and perhaps to someday draw like them, too)

The second for today is a fun fantasy/sci-fi romp that for some reason makes me think of Hell Boy artist Mike Mignola. Minor Acts of Heroism is a superhero comic with a classic flavor and a modern cast.
The main cast features:
 12-year-old Everywhere Kid
 12-year-old Sergio Carter
 and the reigning king of Atlantis, 12-year-old Nilus

As well as an assortment of generally (not at all) stuffy and unimportant adult figures, the King of the Vampires, an unbearably adorable hellhound, and a stuffed octopus.

Go! Read! Be amazed! (or amused or aghast or whatever you prefer to do with comics)

Also.. I don't know how to change time zones on this setup. It seems to think I'm in an entirely different time zone. I have to admit (it might explain something I haven't even realized I've said yet) that it is in fact three in the morning here... Couldn't convince myself to sleep. Oops.

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