Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some fun :D

So... You know that really odd situation we have set up for ourselves these days where you have these friends who you really like and respect but have never actually met in real life? One of my friends of that particular sort is Cheeko. I've been following her for some time and have had some fun conversations back and forth. (A side note being that she is really popular online and probably doesn't even register I'm the same person from conversation to conversation... but oh well. I guess that just makes me a creepy stalker XD ) A few weeks ago she posted her rendition of the cast of the Avengers as Ponies. I commented to her about how they were really awesome and would probably get really popular really fast, but she brushed off the comment with a laugh and moved on with her life and art. So what did I do? I took that as a personal challenge.
I am a fan of a website called 'I Waste So Much Time'. Many of you have probably heard of it. I really do waste so much time on it. It's my go-to site on migraine days.
So, to try to boost the viewership of Cheeko's piece, I decided that every other day or so until they accepted it, I would submit Cheeko's piece to be featured on the site. It took about four days. (immadork)
I don't know if I can really accept credit, but I like to think so.

So...yeah. To further prove that I have no life, I had decided earlier that I wanted to finish inking and coloring the ones she hasn't finished.

Actually, I really wanted to do it because I want to practice the coloring style she used. I really struggle with clean inking and coloring, especially digitally. Most learning artists will agree (at least most I've ever met) that it is nice, when you're trying to learn something, to take out the steps that you're not actually focusing on. In this case, I took out the design and drawing steps by borrowing Cheeko's base and 'just' inking over it.

Here's a little preview of how it's going :D (I'm kind of struggling, but I know I'll have learned a ton from this exercise in the end)

(Oh, yeah, also, before I post anything finished, I'm going to ask her if she doesn't mind me posting them here. So teasers is all you may get :) )

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