Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm absurdly proud of this...

It is my first ever semi-successful horse, and the first time I have even really attempted to draw a horse in probably four or five years. So... in all it's non-glory, here is a horse :D
I used, for reference, a photo from facebook, of all places. I figured I'd stick in the description from the photo: "Gary McDonald and REALTA` NOVA (sired by *SF Sir Real) won the 2012 Region Three Show Junior Champion Female Championship, as well as the Yearling division."
I have a wonderful friend who breeds part-breed Arabians, and has many connections throughout the breeding and show community. This little beauty belongs to a friend of hers.  
(Oh, and here's the underlying sketch. I kind of like it better than the 'finished' product...) 

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